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Best Areas to Lease a House in Islamabad

Other than being the capital city of Pakistan, the best thing about House for sale in Islamabad would be its clean and green environment situated at the foot of Margalla slopes, which gives it pleasant special perspectives.

Who might not want to reside in an area that has an unobtrusive environment where you get to partake in every one of the four seasons. The development of the city been planned well by CDA leaving spaces for parks and assigned commercial regions in every sector. It likewise contains some renowned tourist attractions like Faisal Masjid, Rawal Lake, Simli dam, Pakistan Monument and Damn-e-Koh.

Alongside the advantages of leasing in Islamabad, I will direct you about the top areas to lease a property there.

Why Islamabad?

There are many advantages of living in Islamabad. Allow me to feature what settles on the capital city the best option of individuals.

· It is an all around planned city among mountains making the most astonishing perspective.

· Islamabad has various great colleges, sporting spots, shopping centers, and whatnot.

· It has a peaceful environment. There is almost no contamination in Islamabad when contrasted with different urban communities in Pakistan.

· At the top of all, Islamabad's climate is the thing that makes it an astonishing spot to live. It's never too sweltering and the climate is for the most part pleasant.

Top Areas to Lease a House

In case you are searching for a house for lease in Islamabad, here is a speedy aide on what can be the most reasonable areas. I would recommend you start your home hunting here.

DHA Islamabad

E-11 Islamabad

G-13 Islamabad


The beyond couple of years have seen significant prominence of these lodging social orders like Bahria town, Protection Lodging Authority (DHA), Media Town, Korang Town, and many others.

Yet, DHA has become a dominant player on the lookout. It is one of the top areas among leaseholders. The name partakes in a stunning standing in the housing business sector of Pakistan. It is ideal for the people who want a luxurious way of life combined with a powerful foundation. The city's greatest shopping center, 'Giga Shopping center' is additionally situated in DHA and it is a major fascination for everybody in twin urban communities.

Additionally, the wide range of property contributions in DHA makes it a reasonable area for many families.


After DHA, E-11 is another advantageous area for individuals searching for properties for lease in Islamabad. The serene environment and the clean local area makes it another appealing area for individuals of twin urban areas.

This region is associated with Ahmed Faraz streets and primary Margalla. Additionally, it is set apart with limits making a square shape. If you have children and you want admittance to every one of the close by great standard schools like Root Thousand years School. Additionally, if you like to reside in a house when contrasted with level, E-11 is your objective.


Here comes the third most advantageous area to lease a house in Islamabad. Like E-11, this sector likewise makes a square shape if you see on a guide. The area in this territory isn't so large as in DHA yet it offers an incredible mark style way of life in Islamabad encompassing by the plant life.

As per realtors and property entrances, an ever increasing number of individuals are searching for choices to lease a property in Islamabad.

For what reason is this so? This is a direct result of the accessibility of an assortment of house sizes in G-13.

Presently you have the answer to the inquiry, what is the best area to lease a property in Islamabad...!

Assuming you want a house for lease in any of these areas, Flat for sale in Islamabad might visit the Gharbaar site to work on the interaction for you.

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