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10 free ideas for argumentative essay topics guaranteed to work

Have you ever been in a situation where you are debating with an ignorant idiot? It is heavily frustrating when they fail to acknowledge your stance. In college, argumentative essay writing teaches you the basics of how to argue like a civilized person. To get a good grade in your essay, you have to explain your arguments convincingly. You can hire an essay writer to do this job for you while you relax and watch a good movie.



Format of an argumentative essay

Before you start your paper, you need to finalize the topic. Argumentative write my paper topics should be debatable and thought-provoking. Start off with a catchy introductory line to hook the audience immediately. Present your main arguments one after the other and provide examples and evidence to support your claims. Conclude the paper by summarizing your thesis and end with a rhetorical question that makes the reader think.


You may be very busy or have multiple other assignments to do. If you don't trust your writing skills to get a good grade, don't worry. Hire an essay writing service to write your essay. Provide them with the necessary guideline and format for satisfying results.

10 Topics and what to write

Is nuclear energy practical for power generation?

Define nuclear energy and provide a background of its usage for energy

Low cost

No carbon emissions

High energy density

Counterclaim: unsafe but stats don't prove it (rebuttal)

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Should schools have a compulsory uniform?

Define dress code and provide some historical background

Effects diversity


Enforces gender norms

Counterclaim: promotes unity but facts don't support the claim (rebuttal)

Is the US military intervention justified?

Define intervention and US history of intervening in other countries

Promotes democracy

Provides human rights to

Self-defense (Weapons of mass destruction)

Counterclaim: loss of millions of lives but much more would've been lost had the US not intervened

Should marijuana be legalized?

Explain what marijuana is and provide some history

less dangerous than alcohol

medicinal use of marijuana

Relaxes you

Counterclaim: Driving accidents but a high person doesn't want to drive

Factory farming should not be banned

Define and provide the history

Efficient meat production

contributes to the economy

Less space, more meat

Counterclaim: unethical but best choice for growing global population

Should homework be banned?

Define homework and its significance

Causes unnecessary stress

No time for playing

The home environment may be toxic

Counterclaim: Gets parents involved in child's life but some parents aren't supportive

Prostitution should be legal

Define the term and provide brief historical context

Decreases poverty


No victims in this crime

Counterclaim: can cause STDs but people can buy protection easily

Capital punishment should be banned

Define capital punishment and provide factual data on its significance

Against basic human rights


an innocent person can die

Counterclaim: decreases crime rate but water is tasty

Bullying should result in expulsion

Define bullying

Unsafe school environment

The bullied kid can be traumatized for life

Bullies should learn that actions have consequences

Counterclaim: they have feelings too but they should've thought of that before bullying

Higher education should be free for all

Define higher education and benefits

Boost in economy

Fair to poor students

No student debt

Counterclaim: taxpayer will suffer but the boost in the economy will make up for it

10 topics and their details have been provided for you. You can easily use them to write your whole essay within no time. If you are wondering “can someone simply write my essay for me?", don't worry. There are hundreds of writing websites that will finish your work by the provided deadline.


Writing an argumentative essay is very simple if you know the steps. If you don't make any mistakes in formatting and language, you will get a good grade. After you are finished, compare your work with the guideline. Hire a writing service if you think the quality of your work is poor or else consider the Dissertation Writing Services.

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