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How to Verify an under-construction property?

Looking for a property investment plan? In recent years, buying a property from an authentic source is the most difficult task. I know you’re not aware of some important details to invest your amount in safe property investment projects. I am here to provide you essential information to protect you from fraudulent websites and property dealers. There are many Properties For Sale Rawalpindi which are under construction but you have to look for their clearance. It is very easy to check some documents to make sure that your investment amount is safe.

Checklist to verify the property under construction

Power of Attorney

You all know that a power of attorney is a document that shows that a person or builder has authority as a property owner. It also declares the rights of someone over one’s property. I prefer to check the owner of the construction site to save my investment amount and to verify the under-construction property. Don’t you?

Commencement Certificate

For your information, it is a document that is issued from the local authority to commence a property plan. Obviously, if the site is meeting the required criteria to commence construction by the builder, then this certificate is issued. Do you know without a commencement certificate, a builder cannot start a property plan for construction? So it is a must check certificate.

Sale Deed

A sale deed is always with a clear title mentioning clear terms and conditions from a seller to a buyer. It is also a must deed that ensures a transfer of ownership. You would be surprised to know that it is allotted after clearing water charges, property tax, and maintenance charges by the seller. Again check the title of sale deed before buying a property.

Mother Deed

This document is also known as the “parent document” and it is an essential legal document. 

It is a legal parent document that is issued in accordance with the transfer of ownership without break till the current owner. If the original document is missing, do check the copies from the competent authorities such as Capital Development Authority CDA. Now you know that a legal mother document must be checked before investing your amount to save the future of your generation. For instance, getting a Bahria enclave Islamabad house for sale is the best option to secure your investment in the property to achieve your dreams.

Building Approval Plan

Always prefer to invest your amount in ready to move projects. Ask me why? Because these are safe, authentic, and have all certificates to ensure building and construction plans for your safe future. Building an approval plan is a sanctioned document issued from the competent authority. Based on some facts such as appropriate zonal depth, floor area ratio, and suitable road width and other related property features, this document is issued to start construction. It also has property drawings along with it. Do you know a builder has to hire an architect to construct a suitable construction plan to get this approval letter? Yes, your government has to ensure that the construction plans are meeting the criteria to live in standard conditions.

Tax Paid Receipts

Government and municipality must ensure that property construction sites have filed their  taxes, as per the government policy and the developers must keep the latest tax paid receipt. You are investing an amount to save the future of your children, so don’t feel shy and ask the relevant documents. I am sure you would not like to waste millions of rupees in a project that is not authorized by the authorities.

Betterment Charges

You should know how the progress of construction is going. To check the progress details, it is important for a builder to provide all the interlinked essential receipts that would provide an evidence for the betterment charges being paid. Wondering why it is important? A builder needs to pay all of his betterment and improvement fees, and so you must check the updated receipt.

A safe and authorized property site with all the updated documents will ensure that the amount you’re investing is safe, and is the perfect portal to make your dreams come true and can help you with Properties For Rent Rawalpindi. Get a secure and outstanding property with to live a luxurious life in Islamabad.

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