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The essay: why it is asked and how to write it

In most European and American universities, one of the important goals of the educational process is to develop not only students' writing skills, but also their creative thinking. To do this, they are regularly assigned to write essays.

Why essays are so popular in universities

The main reason is that students study quite a lot of academic material - about a third - in an independent format, so some people use to write essays that help them save time and effort. But this does not mean that the teacher does not need to test their knowledge, so a small written work is exactly what is needed for such a test.

The second reason for the popularity of such assignments is educational: students thanks to them learn to think independently, reason and draw conclusions, which will come in handy for them in the future.

How to write an essay correctly Many students, due to their employment or other reasons, use such services as, and it is a good solution. But it is still necessary to know the basic principles. They consist in the fact that the essay should be, firstly, subjective, secondly, beautifully and competently written. With a good knowledge of the language it is not so difficult to write it, but sometimes you want to go out with friends much more, because learning the world for a young person is not less important so you can turn to the professionals on the service: But regardless of the reasons for being busy, having a plan "B" is always a very good thing.

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