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Topic: Phrases and Words to be used in essay writing

Writing on an academic level is an obtained skill that takes a long time to master. Academic or essay writing is quite different from other writings; it required completely formal and subtle language or choice of words. In blog or article writing you may have a choice to use slang language or however you require. But in academic writing, you need certain words and phrases to utilize in your essay. There is a list of essential academic words and phrases to articulate your thoughts and ideas more effectively. These words could be used in an entire essay such as introduction, body, and conclusion.

 The arguments and ideas will be your own; you will infuse these words in your writings to make them qualitative and keep your readers engaged. Follow these guidelines carefully to use proper words and phrases or you will be asking others to write my essay.

Words that you can use in the introduction: 


1.Firstly, Secondly, Thirdly

To put your essay in the correct order you need to organize your arguments step by step. These words can help you put clarity in your arguments and also it is a very effective method to focus on the facts.

2.In the light of, considering, in the view of…

These phrases are quite functional to utilize in your essay. To relate your essay with the works of other authors you usually use such phrases. It could also be used while presenting evidence to shed light on the argument with reference to the evidence.

3.Furthermore, in addition, moreover

Such kind phrases in academic writing are used to expand or add to the point you are discussing to continue the flow altogether. These are also called linking phrases to start a new paragraph. 

4.To this end, in order to, to that end

To state your aim or to explain or introduce, you use these phrases. Sometimes your essay needs to elaborate that it has future goals to achieve. Through these phrases, you can conveniently add clarity to your arguments as well as expand them. 

5.To put it in other words, in other words

By using these phrases in your essay you can complement simple ideas with complex ones. These phrases are perfect to ameliorate the flow of your essay.  Use these phrases to only explain a certain point that needs to be explained. Do not use them to repeat or replicate.

6.Likewise, similarly

These exposition words are a decent decision to add data that concurs with the contention or actuality you just referenced. In scholastic composition, it is applicable to incorporate perspectives that agree with your assessment. This will assist you in arranging your research within the context of research. These respective words are also substitutes for the word 'also' to avoid continuous repetitions. By using too many simple conjunctions your reader will lose interest and it will also look like a beginner has written the essay with similar repetitions. The nature of your article will improve just by utilizing these certain expressions and words, for example, 'correspondingly', similarly, 'as well as', and so on.

7.However, alternatively, conversely, on the contrary, on the other hand, whereas

Finding a consistent strategy to introduce an alternative viewpoint or hypothesis can be difficult work, however, these terms and expressions can assist you with presenting the opposite side of the contention.

These are the simplest guidelines and rules of language to use in an academic essay especially when you are a beginner. You must follow these ideas so that you would not have to consult essay writer services to do your task.

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