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How to Avoid Plagiarism | 4 Steps to a Plagiarism

Dissertation Writing Services is Avoiding the problem by having someone else write your paper for you is considered plagiarism and will not be tolerated. However, once you catch on to how it happens, you can actively work against plagiarizing yourself as you write.

This article provides four steps that may help students avoid committing plagiarism:

Step 1 – Make sure your instructor understands what plagiarism is , particularly when presenting information in a different format or order. If she does understand this concept, then don't worry about losing points for quoting sources directly from notes taken during lecture . For instance, if there are certain websites listed on the syllabus or required reading that you are using to write a paper, you don't have to be worried that you're going to lose points or get in trouble for typing the URL of the sites into your notes.

Even if there is no specific mention of it on the syllabus, ask your instructor whether she would prefer direct quotations (like a quote-within-a-quote format) or paraphrased information . In many cases, instructors will tell students which type they prefer , but even if they don't, thesis writing service can generally work out what an instructor would want after having a few conversations with him/her and reading his/her course evaluations (outlining how he teaches certain concepts).

However , make sure that whatever type of quotation style is being used, there are still direct quotes within the paper . If you paraphrase a large quantity of material, turn it into your own personal words and then forget to add citations, this is still plagiarism. In most cases, instructors will not accept research papers that simply provide re-worded information from sources without additional analysis.

Step 3 – Make sure that you have included all necessary references in your paper . Check with your instructor to see which type of referencing he/she prefers (APA style or MLA style), how many references should be used for a typical-length paper , and where on the buy dissertation page the citations should go . This might involve adding a parenthetical citation in parentheses at the end of each sentence: (Smith 1) adding a footnote at the end of the page containing a full citation: (Smith, pp. 1-2) or adding in-text citations within parentheses with each direct quote : "Also" (Clarke 1).

Step 4 – Check your paper for plagiarism , using either software designed to detect plagiarized material or by getting one of your friends to read through it . The first thing you should do is load your paper into a word processing program (Microsoft Word, OpenOffice Writer, etc.) and highlight all the text . Next, copy and paste this highlighted source material into a search engine online .

If what you've written has any similarities with other sources , you must change that sentence so that it does not seem copied from another source .

This is a simplified version of how to avoid plagiarism , particularly if dissertation writers you are concerned that you may not have known enough about the subject matter in order to write an entire paper on it without falling into this trap.

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